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As the most significant structural feature of the home, roofs come in a great many design, style and material options to suit the specific needs of the building.

One of the latest roofing systems to arrive on the market is called TPO roofing, and has rapidly risen in demand and popularity due to some very specific advantages this roof can offer. TPO roofing has all the strength and benefits found in EPDM or PVC roofs and cost less than PVC roofing.

While TPO roofing is an exciting and advantageous option, there are some important things to consider before choosing this for your home.

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Our TPO Roofers Understand


The 5 Signs Of a Failing TPO Roof


  1. Leaks ad moisture
  2. Punctures to the membranes
  3. Blistering and wrinkles
  4. Blow-offs and tenting
  5. Reduced wind-uplift resistance and billowing
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Looking for a Roofing expert?

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Gold Star Premium Roofing is looking to hire multiple sales reps to join our team! Here at Gold Star Premium roofing we have a great team/family, we LOVE what we do and take pride in every project!

What is TPO Roofing?

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) is a membrane that is applied to the roof to protect the structure from the elements. It is made out of a weather-proof and resilient material called ethylene propylene and many other ingredients including carbon filler, fiberglass and talc that combine to create an effective barrier from heat, cold rain sunshine and all other elements.

The TPO roofing system was designed to have all the advantages of rubber roofs plus the added advantage of heat-welded seals that can provide a durable seam that inhibits the entrance of moisture. This roofing options was introduced to the market in the early 90?s and has become one of the fastest growing roofing options in the US today.

A TPO roof can be designed to match the needs of location and structure. You can also find them in colors varying from white to black and various shades of gray between. TPO roofs have been valued for their capacity to reflect solar heat energy rather than absorb it, making white TPO roof the most popular option.


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How to Select a Quality TPO Roof for Your Home

To ensure you truly benefit from the many advantages of TPO roofing, following are some guidelines that will indicate which are the best TPO roofs, that will prevent membrane failure and other similar issues.

Membrane Quality

Our experience tells us the most important thing to consider is the supplier and manufacturer of the TPO membrane you will have applied to your home. Look for a supplier with experience producing top quality products for at least 20 years. Be wary of those purveyors offering super low prices for their TPO, as you may have to repeat your investment again in the near future. As trusted providers of TPO roofing systems all of our roof have the highest quality and come with a warranty to this effect.

Energy Efficiency

The TPO products we offer have the best thermal barrier factors and provide ?cool roof? advantages to your home. We ensure this by applying only those membranes that meet all three-year ENERGY STAR requirements. You will notice that many new manufacturers of TPO membranes do not feature this mark of quality.

Durability and Longevity

The most durable membranes are applied and welded at the seams at the highest temperature ranges possible, when these membranes are not welded with skill, experience and quality work, many TPO malfunctions can occur. Proper weldability is the key to getting the most from your TPO roof as this can reduce the occurrence of leaks and increase the longevity of TPO. As a final note for selecting the best quality TPO membrane, thickness is an important factor. The thicker the better as a quality membrane with a considerable girth will offer improved defense against the weather and solar radiation. At Golden Star Premium Roofing, we suggest a minimum thickness of 11 mils, but the very best results can be found in those TPO roofs with 22 mils.

TPO Roofing Companies In Denver

Not all TPO roofing companies are the same. You need a reliable, experienced TPO roofing company by your side. At Gold Star Premium Roofing, we pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable of TPO roofing companies in Denver, and always put customer service as a top priority only to be surpassed by the quality or our work.

The roof of your home must provide adequate protection for the interior if it will properly perform its function. While making the best selection for a specific situation can be confusing with the great many options available, you can always count of the friendly expertise of our qualified professionals to provide you with the best options.

If you are in the market for a TPO roofing option and would like to get an expert’s view on your options, don?t hesitate to call us up. We will be happy to meet you onsite for a full inspection and provide you with a rundown on the many possibilities and how each one can benefit you.