TPO Roofing Companies in Denver Understand

What is TPO?

Polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymers bound together create Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). Its rubberized plastic and its chemical components sandwich a fiber mesh, known as skrim, to create a tough but pliable membrane( that has the characteristics of both rubber and plastic, and yes there is a big difference). Also, with heat welded bonds the seams become stronger than the TPO in the field, making this the newest and best roofing system available.

With these strength characteristics protecting from impacts, tears, gouging or footfall, it is easy to see so why many commercial building owners select it. Depending on the membrane thickness and installation method, product manufacturers offer installation warranties ranging between 10 and 35 years and hail impact resistant warranties as well.

Our Company?s Approach
Not all TPO roofing companies are the same, installation techniques matter. You need a reliable, experienced TPO installation experts by your side. At Gold Star Premium Roofing, we pride ourselves in being up to date and knowledgeable on all TPO systems and new products, and always put customer service as a top priority only to be surpassed by the quality or our work.
The roof of your business or home must provide adequate protection for the interior to protect your assets and work environment. While making the best selection for a specific situation can be confusing with the great many options available (Asphalt, TPO, Built up, EPDM, and others), you can always count on us the friendly expertise.
If you are in the market for a TPO roofing option and would like to get an expert’s opinion on your options, don?t hesitate to call us up. We will be happy to meet you onsite for a full inspection and provide you with a rundown on the many possibilities and how each one can benefit you.

TPO roofing is resistant to bacteria, debris, algae, and dirt, as well as ultraviolet and chemical exposure. In addition to its high resistance to debris build-up, TPO’s flexible membrane allows it to withstand punctures, tears, and impact damage. The energy efficiency due to reflectivity gives this material a ?cool roof? classification. With the modern solar roof collectors absorbing on both sides, TPO also, aids, and adds, to a roofs solar capabilities.

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