TPO Roofing and Its Uses TPO Roofing and Its Uses

TPO membranes are geared more toward commercial use as they can be mechanically attached to a larger structure then fully adhered (glued) surface to the structure. There is also the availability to add insulation (ISO or EPS) between the main structure (decking) and the roof system (TPO) for added energy efficiency or water flow (taper system).
Commercial users often have more to protect and are more concerned about maintaining a dry building and installing a roof system that will provide stability, safety and endurance, and TPO membranes provide that kind of security for all large or smaller scale commercial enterprises.
Whether you are interested in TPO as a viable roofing covering alternative for your business, or you just want to know more about how it works, complete the Gold Star Premium roofing online contact form and a roofing expert will get back to you with the information you need concerning your business roofing needs.
Benefits of TPO
Lasts longer than modified bitumen
Withstands ponding water and foot traffic
Does not require hot tar kettles and associated risks
Competitive in price
Strong seams
Easy to repair
Available in white and other colors

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