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Roofs have a certain life, between 20 and 25 years, and it is important that you find the proper professional roofing contractors if you need to replace or repair your roof.?It is also important for a home to have its roof constantly inspected and maintained, and this is where Denver roofers need to be well equipped to carry out both the inspection and the necessary maintenance work that the roof will require. Listen to what our clients have to say below


Caine came highly recommended from our family so we decided to give him a call. He came out the next day to see what we needed (chimney tear down and fix the roofing). He was very personable, responsive, and trustworthy. He had one of his guys come out two days later and do the entire job very quickly and it was very well done.

Nathan C.

Golden, CO


I was pretty wary when Andrew and Caine knocked on my door shortly after a hailstorm and asked if I would let them take a look at my roof. I'm certainly not the type of person who responds kindly to many solicitors at my door. However, I knew I had a fairly old roof and I had nothing to do so figured I'd let them take a look.

Tyler S.

Denver, CO


I took bids from 7 roofers, over a 6 month period. Some seemed a little sketchy, and the prices had an 80 percent variance. I went with William Braeshaw, from Gold Star Premium, and am very happy with my decision. The price was competitive, and he gave personal attention to my job, that I find very rare.

Matthew B.

Brighton, CO