Our Premium Roofing Insurance


  • At Gold Star Premium, our trained adjusters will inspect your property to determine the extent of storm related damage. It takes training and experience in this field to detect damage, some of which may be hidden damage.
  • As a general contractor or exterior specialist, our representatives are trained and are knowledgeable on industrial standards. Our representatives follow certain criteria and guidelines that will help determine your replacement or repair needs.



  • Once we are in agreement as to what services are to be provided, our restoration agent will sit down with you and explain our processes and go over our agreement that will allow us to work for you, the homeowner.
  • Our Agreement does not obligate you until your insurance company approves the service and determines its share of the coverage. Our Agreement will further explain all costs associated with services. Our company requires this Agreement prior to meeting with the claims adjuster.



  • As homeowner, you are the only one who can file an insurance claim with your insurance company.
  • The filing process is not difficult. Call your insurance company and inform the representative that your home was in the path of a storm. The representative should provide you with a claim number, which will be needed prior to service. When you file your claim, you can also let the representative know you are working with Gold Star Premium and you would like their insurance adjuster to meet with the Gold Star Premium Adjuster (the “adjusters”) when inspection take place.
  • Having the two adjusters meet at the same time will allow Gold Star Premium to get started on restoring your property to its original condition.



  • Gold Star Premium adjusters work with most insurance companies and have a full understanding of insurance processes and requirements. Our adjusters are trained to understand the terminology and policies for insurance companies, which provide excellent communication and service. The adjuster will assess all damage to your home and, together, will create an itemized breakdown. Further the adjuster will work with same industry guidelines and will be sure to provide service that you will give you peace of mind. HAAG Engineering, based in Texas, sets the industry standards and criteria for assessing damage.



  • Our Company’s adjuster will return to your home and create a complete scope of work, which is a list of broken items and the measurements of the damaged area(s). We do not concern ourselves with pricing at this time. Our focus is on prioritizing what is needed to ensure you are getting the most out of our services to restore your home. It will take approximately an hour or two for us to finalize the scope of service. There is no fee associated with this service, which is a great benefit as compared to other companies who charge an average of 10% on the total claim amount.
  • When the adjusters have confirmed the scope of work, it is entered into a software program that generates a complete line by line item price for the project. Set standards and confirmation by the adjuster is provided to the homeowner, which will provide peace of mind of knowing that everything is accurate and everyone agrees with the scope of work.



  • Most insurance companies do not select the contractor nor do they set contractor pricing. Contractor(s) do not set pricing either. The insurance settlement amount will determine processes and pricing; however, if the settlement amount is considered to be too low to restore your home and the contractor is unable to perform the job under the limits of the settlement; a price research will be necessary to confirm that the scope of service meets industry standards.



  • Homeowner select and pay for material with respect to the insurance settlement amount and the scope of work. The homeowner will also arrange for materials to be delivered to the home.
  • Once Gold Star Premium has a completed materials list, the work order is generated and the project manager is assigned. The project manager will take an inventory of the materials prior to services begin performed. At this time, payment to Gold Star Premium is due. The amount will be equal to the actual cash value provided by the insurance company.



  • Upon completion, Gold Star Premium will arrange for final inspection. The homeowner will also be required to inspect and approve services. The homeowner will be required to sign that the job is completed with respect to the scope of work and releasing Gold Star Premium from further services. Gold Star Premium will, as a courtesy, mail the final invoice to your insurance company. Since the insurance company will pay the claim settlement to the homeowner, final payment is due to Gold Star Premium by the homeowner at this time.

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