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Home owners can carry out such inspections on their own, but professional roofing contractors in Denver, CO are going to be more thorough and precise. If you wish to do it yourself, here are some things to look for:  Start by checking the roof for loose shingles, any missing nails, warped flashing, displaced ridges, slopes in gutters, their cleaning and other problems that can arise. It is important that you take all the proper precautions, as work will be at a height and you must wear the proper safety gear and have proper methods of access. When you hire a Denver, CO roofing company, the professionals will have all the necessary tools and tackle that allows them to carry out such inspections safely. 


A roof must protect the home from the rain and snow that falls on it and it essential that the roof is sloped to cause the rain to run off and the snow to slide off. The professional Denver roofers at Gold Star Premium Roofing will inspect a roof for its pitch and slope and be able to advise and take corrective action where any problems are noticed. Insulation is often part of the roof covering material and any deterioration in this can lead to higher utility bills for any HVAC systems that are installed. Denver, CO roofing companies must be aware of the latest in insulation technologies that can be used on roofs and any upgrade that is necessary.


Denver has about 300 days of sunshine every year which makes the conditions ideal for the installation of solar panels that can generate power and help to reduce electricity costs. Solar panels can also be installed for hot water. As professional Denver, CO roofers, we have expanded our work portfolios to help Denver homeowners carry out these installations by ensuring your roof is in great condition before such installations are performed. Even if the work is carried out by others, it is always advisable to have roofing companies give you a professional opinion about the installation and the effect it could have on the roof; as well as its maintenance and repairs, so that problems are avoided in future.